Friday, October 28, 2005

“The Rain in Spain…

stays mainly on the plain.” And in the state of Oregon. This is, of course, the first thing people said to me when I announced my move. Oh Oregon…the rain. Yes. There is a prodigious amount of precipitation in the Pacific Northwest. Quite a few people choose to live here despite that, and they learn to dress in Goretex and splash through their daily activities without a care.

After the long dry dusty drought of summer in Missouri, the lush verdant landscape and drenching rain here are very welcome. Last night I fell asleep to the steady drumming of raindrops on the roof of my new home. Even though cardboard boxes are still stacked to the ceiling, I feel warm and cozy in here and safe from the elements.

The sunshine colors of the walls make the place cheerful and it never feels drab or gloomy. This is the first rain since my arrival and with the Daylight Saving time change this weekend and Halloween next Monday, it signifies the start of winter. Today marks one week in The Hideaway. I am still amazed I am here. Ten weeks start to finish!

Soon I will unfurl my very large multi-colored umbrella and venture forth to run some errands and start getting to know my way around.


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