Friday, January 14, 2011

Welcome Back

Sometimes I need a place to post opinions. Facebook and Twitter are subject to venomous comments and sarcastic replies. So I am back blogging here.

My comment today has to do with thank you notes and not getting them. I simply do not understand why people can't take the time to thank someone for a gift, especially a hand-made one. My experience this Christmas has left me feeling very hurt and puzzled. I knit ten little lace bags for ten friends. I received FOUR thank you notes. Then after I contacted the other six people to see if they received the gifts, I got several "dog ate my homework" excuses detailing how busy and full their lives were and time to write to me.

One in particular bothered me. I would think that a 40+ year friendship would at least warrant a Christmas card if not a gift. And a gift from me would at least warrant a response. I got a disjointed and incoherent letter dated January 11th. That does not pass as a Christmas greeting. And she sent me back thank you notes my kids wrote to her back in the 70s. What's up with that?

My parents insisted I write PROMPT thank you notes and I did the same with my kids. But apparently it has fallen out of fashion. I noted this in my journal and will remember it next year when I think about making gifts.

I would like to note that the children I sent gifts to did write to me. And they are only five years old!!


Blogger ej ramblin said...

Does my email thank you count? FYI, I still plan to write a "real" thank you....the sack with the cards & list of people I need to write to is well-traveled at this point. And now I'm getting behind on birthdays already this year. It's ALL too fast for me!

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