Friday, December 09, 2005

Behind the Wheel With My ODL

Driving is a privilege you earn, not a right.” A quote from page one of the Oregon Driver Manual which I read cover to cover yesterday. 112 pages all together and maybe one of the most boring texts I’ve perused in awhile. Why bother? Well…I need an Oregon driver’s license and when I took the test the first time…I failed to pass.

What a shock. I thought perhaps fifty-four years of driving might have given me enough knowledge to pass it cold, but that turned out not to be the case. It really did help to read the manual which is a bit of a cliché, but true nevertheless.

The first time around, I did not know, for example how many seconds ahead do expert drivers scan the entire driving scene. Or what happens if you crash and you do not have liability insurance. Or how loud is too loud to play the car radio. Or if you or the deer had the right of way. Or that it takes 275’ to stop if you are going 55 miles per hour. Or the speed limit in alleys even if not posted.

Oh well…now I know those things. And others, and am considered a certifiable safe driver by the State who took my photo and wrote down my mother’s maiden name and kept my Missouri license which they will hopefully shred and not let fall into the hands of identity thieves.

It’s good for eight years and right now I hope I am around to renew it!


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