Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Weather Glyphics

Late night weather report last night said there would be snow down to the 500 foot elevation. Sure enough…scrolling across the bottom of the TV screen this morning is the list of all the schools in outlying areas that are closed. Estacada, Scappoose, Troutdale. No snow here at The Hideaway. Wood Village’s elevation is only 150 feet above sea level. This may not bode well if global warming causes the oceans to rise, but for winter weather glyphics, it means snow is very unlikely.

Not to say it isn’t chilly and frosty with icy fog hanging over nearby areas where a person might want to venture to buy gas or groceries. It’s uphill all the way to Safeway. A good day to stay home and catch up with loose ends like The Blog and paying bills and starting to address holiday cards.

Strong storm system approaching the coast, and the coastal range and the Cascades will be buffeted tonight. Tomorrow may be a lock-down as well. Still not so cold or severe as what I left behind in Missouri. My place is very tight…no breezes blowing through or drafts rattling the pages of magazines on the coffee table. Even the dogs are sheltered on the glassed-in deck where they sit on the bench and watch the world go by without getting wet or cold.

This is a little pocket…protected by huge pine trees and out of the path of weather rampages. A great place to live! I’m settled in now, unpacked, and getting back into a routine of sorts. Another month of freedom and then back to work on January 3rd. For tax season only.

So I treasure these quiet mornings with my second cup of coffee, and these lazy afternoons after my walk having some hot chai. Whatever the weather, I am warm and cozy here.


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