Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Jolly Old (and I do mean OLD) St. Nick

It’s March now and the Christmas decorations are still up at the house down the street. They put them up right after Halloween, the first house on the block to do so. Other garish stuff went up later on other dwellings around the loop, but most of that has been taken down or blown away. At the very least the Santas have toppled over into the bushes. But at #41, the season is still jolly. St. Nick on the roof, giant stockings full of toys on the fence, a giant candle guarding the carport, dangling lights all over the building, angels and the Blessed Virgin lurking in the yard. They are all there to greet me on my daily walks.

These folks are in good health. I see them coming and going and they have a son who appears to be about junior high age, and out every day playing ball with the other kids. Do they not notice? Do they not care? Are they just going to leave them up so they will be first again next year? Why don’t these seasonally challenged folks take down the decorations?

I am reminded of the time my son Phil had a paper route when he was about nine. He liked to sleep in his clothes so he would already be dressed when he got up in the morning. For whatever reason, these people are sleeping in their Holiday Decorations and it is starting to irk me. For one thing, I am watching for a sign of spring and Santa is not it. The house farther down the street where a bunch of little kids live has since had valentines stuck on the windows, flags flying from the porch for Presidents’ Day, and now kelly green shamrock whirligigs whirling in the yard. The Easter Bunny will, I know, be making an appearance soon.

I can handle the seasonal stuff especially if it concurrent with the real season. And I enjoy the handcrafted/homemade items the little kids put up all crooked and bent. But I am just plain sick of #41 and the Christmas theme. I am thinking of sneaking down under the cover of darkness and helping them out a little bit. However, I have a feeling these folks also have hidden motion sensor lights that will blaze on and reveal me for the Scrooge I am.

Do you think I could report them for “disturbing the season?” For “maintaining a seasonal nuisance?” For being idiots? For missing the point? Whatever…I may have to find a new route for my walks and skip having to pay homage to the Virgin Mary as I go by each day. Neighbors not withstanding…I wish you a very Merry Spring.


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