Sunday, February 26, 2006

Diary of Knitting An Olympics Scrap Cap

Settle down to watch the Opening Ceremonies after gathering supplies together:
16” circular needle size 6, set of 4 double point needles size 6, 7 little markers, and pieces of scrap yarn at least 2 yards long for each row of color. Choose a fair size ball of yarn for the border. (CO plus 9 rows = 20 yards.) Pick a color that looks good next to your face. Cast on 84 stitches. [For 22” circumference.]

Begin the seed stitch border. Join the round being careful not to twist stitches. *Round 1: K1,P1 all the way around. Place marker at end of round. Round 2: P1, K1 all the way around.* Continue from * to * for 1 ¾ inches. (9 rounds.)

Keep knitting each evening as you watch the events:
After the seed stitch border, work straight in stockinette stitch for another 3 ¾ inches. Change colors at the beginning of rounds. Move the marker at the beginning of each round. Work one, two or three rounds per color. Use your imagination to choose combinations! Keep it bright and unusual.

Keep going round and round. Seed stitch in olive green. Then navy blue, deep purple, bright red, hot pink, light lilac, metallic variegated, pale turquoise, deep aqua, sunshine yellow, bright pumpkin, maroon variegated, dusty mulberry, royal blue. When the piece measures 5 ½ overall, place a marker every 12 stitches.

By the final weekend:
Start decrease round K2tog before each marker around. Repeat decrease round every other round 3 times more to 56 stitches. Then decrease every round until there are 7 stitches left. Forest green, pale lime, medium grape, sky blue, bright pink, dusky gold, bright green, denim blue, burnt orange and back to olive green for the last few rounds. Thread tail through stitches and pull firmly. Draw through to inside of hat and fasten. Tie and cut joined ends from the start/end of each stripe.

Put on your Scrap Cap and settle down to watch the Closing Ceremonies.


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