Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Still Fighting the Weather

This area is being hit hard and the rain is relentless and unending. Yesterday afternoon, the professional roofers arrived and made “emergency repairs.” It is no longer raining in the dining room. It was nice to kick back and listen to the election results instead of listening for drips.

The dogs have missed their walks but the parks are mostly closed and even in my neighborhood there are too many giant puddles and drooping branches for safe passage.

The yard is a mess with blown branches and leaves and trash and pine cones. Big cleanup lurking in the future. But for now, I am hunkered down inside staying warm and dry and out of the traffic and wind and moisture.

The tide is turning in DC and here in Salem for the most part, although the candidate I supported from my district lost by about 200 votes. I think he was the only Democrat in the country to lose. The measures I worked on for parks and libraries both passed with substantial majorities. I’ll recycle the lawn signs tomorrow and then it is all over for now. Free time opening up.


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