Saturday, October 14, 2006

Foggy Foggy Dew

This morning, Mt. Hood has hidden herself in fog to cover her nakedness, the result of the end of a long dry summer. She will no doubt remain behind this curtain until the first snow arrives which is being predicted for tomorrow. At least a foot is expected and the skiers are already lining up in Government Camp in anticipation. The season is shifting and it is evident in the fading afternoon light and the crisp chilly mornings.

Soon we will officially signal the change by resetting the clocks and going back to Standard time. Daylight Saving will be over for this year. It will be dark at 5:00 p.m. and we will draw in to our homes and firesides. But yesterday was a glorious fall day and Phil and I were out with the dogs.

A leisurely hike on the cedar bark trail through the beautiful arboretum at Wood Village City Park. Followed by a ball throwing/chasing exercise for Princess. Buddy likes to watch her run but he does not join in the chase. He does like to run around at random dragging his leash and barking at bugs.

Tonight will be fun. Barbecuing (a garden burger for me) on the deck at Scott & Phil’s place followed by a DVD movie marathon. Last chance to kick back on the big green couch before it’s sold. I’ll take white cheddar popcorn and other snacks for the film festival. This casual get-together is why I moved to Portland. I spent many lonely Saturday nights in Missouri eating Jump Stop pizza and watching Cops on TV. It’s a joy to be so close to the kids.

Tomorrow is the Salmon Festival and I hope the snow holds off till at least four o’clock. I guess the Chinook don’t care, but it may make standing outside for four hours a bit unpleasant. I’ll be passing out literature in support of Measure 26-80 which is a Natural Areas initiative on the ballot in November. And also working at the Friends of the Columbia Gorge info booth.

Early on this socked-in Saturday morning, I am cozy inside catching up on e-mail and knitting and being lazy before the weekend begins in earnest


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