Thursday, January 11, 2007

Early On a Frosty Morn

During these deep dark days of winter, it is still dark when I get up and start my day. After I get the coffee on, I venture to the front porch for the paper. My surprise this morning to see a huge white lump in the driveway and snow coming down fast and furious. This is the first time since leaving Missouri that Rider has been covered with the white stuff. And the first time that I have been able to sit on the couch with my coffee and paper and knitting and look out the window at big fat flakes drifting by. We are only 100 feet above sea level here so this is a very rare event.

Schools are closed, events cancelled, and the busses are running on Snow Routes. ODOT puts de-icer on the main roads, but the residential areas are slick and slippery. A good day to stay home although I usually go out on Thursday to my Craft Group. Yesterday I made Veggie Soup in the crockpot so I am set for meals.

Buddy has never seen snow until today and he does not care for it. He went down the steps, stopped dead at the bottom, tasted it, and then tip-toed to the fence trying not to get any on him. He peed and scurried back in. Princess, on the other hand, loves the snow and rolled gleefully in it and raced around making tracks like she used to do in Missouri.

Now the sun is out and everything is sparkling and so bright I need my sunglasses here in the house. I will wait until afternoon to go out and hope the ice melts off the streets by then. I’ll go on foot to the nearby store for cat food and, of course, take the dogs for their daily walk. The new fur lined waterproof boots I ordered for just this kind of day have not yet arrived so I’ll pull on the old ones purchased five years ago and just about worn out.

It’s definitely a mostly indoor day and I’m okay with that. Maybe I’ll get something done. Maybe not. I’m okay with that too.


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