Monday, February 26, 2007

The View from the Couch

I seem to be spending a lot of time on the couch these days, knitting and reading and napping through these chilly wet winter days. In the old days (pre-kitten) I opened the mini-blinds to let in light but I did not pull them up. However, Skye likes to sit on the table and keep track of the goings-on outside. She was sticking her little head through the slats so I started pulling the shades up to give her an unobstructed view. It also gave me an unobstructed view and I have found myself watching the wind and clouds and sky as well as the street activity and the bird visitors to the yard. I live on a corner and there is quite a bit of traffic going by. I can see the bank of mailboxes and watch neighbors stop to collect their mail.

Of course…whoever I can see can see me. I’ve always been one for privacy, so I find that a bit disconcerting. But it amazes me that no one who is driving or walking by seems to be looking in. When I walk by with the dogs, I can gaze in and see the floor-to-ceiling bookshelves and the lamp on the table. If the TV is on, I can see the flicker. But it is not as public as I thought. So we leave the shades up all day and Sky monitors the neighborhood.

From the couch I can also see the hutch in what was supposed to be the dining room but is now the den. On the center counter, are cards and gifts from friends. I always seem to receive lots of cards and I love these reminders of friends who are thinking of me. If I turn slightly I am facing the shelves where my TV resides and which are adorned with flowers and other mementos.

The View from the Couch is pretty much all I need to keep myself entertained all day without even getting up except to refill my coffee cup.


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