Sunday, September 28, 2008

Back in the High Life Again

My Internet Explorer browser was all messed up by the Trojan Horse virus. So I just downloaded Mozilla Firefox and I am now able to access my Blog once more. Aren't you delighted?

It is a beautiful Fall day and I am headed out to do some yard work. Next Tuesday the new roof will be installed. Getting ready for the winter that is closer than I would like to think. I am enjoying what may be the end of the sunshine for a few months.

Two weeks until my trip to California and I will be seeing some of you. Others I saw in July on my trip to Missouri. If you live in a place I haven't visited, maybe you can come see me.

Yesterday I stood in line for ONE HOUR to see the baby elephant at the Zoo. It was worth it to see these wonderful creatures. Momma and two Aunties were very protective of the tiny little guy who is probably the cutest animal I have ever seen. He is named Samudra because of his love of water. PETA would disapprove, but how else would I ever "see the elephant."


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