Saturday, September 06, 2008

Saturday Chores

It’s a pretty mundane task…a repetitive chore…that keeps coming around again and again and again. Laundry. For years it has been a Saturday Morning Chore for me. All the years I was working, it was the default time; and since retirement, it has continued to seem like the normal time to tackle it. There were times I lived in places that required a trip to a Laundromat, and I have memories of loading baskets in and out of the car and sitting around hot steamy rooms on hard uncomfortable plastic chairs reading tattered out-of-date magazines and watching the socks go round in the dryer.

Now I am blessed. I have a washer and dryer on my mud porch, and this morning I tossed in a load on the way out to get the paper. I love this set-up. In the past, even when I have had on-site facilities, they have not always been so accessible and comfortable. Basements, garages, the building out back, the kitchen. Having the machines on my heated back porch is a luxury. One of the nicest features of my little home here in Oregon.


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