Sunday, July 20, 2008

Missouri Memories

Last week I took a Nostalgia Trip down home to Osceola, Missouri where I lived at Terrapin Station for five glorious Summers and the intervening Falls, Springs and Winters. It was a return to my “real” home even though I have been living in exile in Oregon since 2005. Half business and half pleasure, it was a week of memories, and a strange combination of fun and sadness. I stayed with some of my best friends and that was a true joy. I visited places I loved in Kansas City and St. Clair County. I went to Forest Hill and put flowers on the graves and stood for a few moments on my final resting place.

I spent some difficult hours sorting through boxes in the storage unit that houses some of my possessions that I left behind, looking for children’s toys and books I saved for my grandchildren. I took care of some financial matters that were still hanging. I ate wonderful fresh-from-the-garden meals, saw old friends and acquaintances, and relived some happy times. One thing I did not do was drive by Terrapin Station. Friends have told me the new owners have made changes that would disappoint me. So…like the country song I heard on the car radio as I was driving there…"better as a memory."


Blogger Eugenia Jo said...

Congratulations on all you accomplished on your trip. Seeing your wonderful friends and enjoying the pleasantries of the area sounds marvelous.
Wise to not visit TS...Change is the only constant. Reminds me of the "We Five" song (think it's them), "I Can Never Go Home Again"
And the beat goes on.....

11:22 AM  

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