Saturday, January 31, 2009

Celtic Festival of Imbolc

The Festival of Imbolc marks the loosening of winter’s grip upon the land. The feast’s matron, Brighid, brings new energy and light to the world. The name Imbolc is derived from the lactation of ewes which begin lambing at this time of year. It is a time of cleansing and purification.

My ritual for January 31st includes burning sage throughout the house to purify the air and space, and get rid of old, stale and wintry influences. Then at the fall of darkness, I will light candles in each room for light and warmth. I will open the door and welcome the protective blessing of Brighid into my home.

Tomorrow, February, sees the beginning of Spring. Celebrate!


Blogger Eugenia Jo said...

Well, that does make winter short! Great idea!!!

11:03 AM  

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