Sunday, December 28, 2008

Cabin Fever

This is a concept I don’t get. I love my home. I love being home in my home, especially now with the holiday ambience. For me…staying home is a pleasure not a punishment. There isn’t anything I need or want bad enough to feel deprived if I can’t get out. I can walk to the store if I am out of something (I went for dog food the other morning). But I don’t drive for pleasure. Or shop for pleasure. Or feel compelled to always be doing something. So what are people so hell bent on doing that they can’t relax at home for a day or two without going psycho?

After many many years of having to haul out in all kinds of weather to get to a job that paid the rent, I am deeply grateful for retirement and electronic technology. I never have to leave the comfort of my own home. Money magically appears in my checking account. My nest is so warm and cozy. My book and my knitting by the couch. A soft down comforter to curl up under (thank you, Eugenia!). A jigsaw puzzle spread out on the table. My computer with e-mail and games and the World Wide Web. Plenty of food in the pantry. Two happy dogs and a snuggly kitty. Why would I want to leave?


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