Saturday, November 05, 2005

Chains Required

It’s SNOWING in the Cascades. The passes are icy and slippery, some roads are closed altogether, chains are required for travel to the mountains. Ski resorts are opening this weekend, and from my home on the way to Timberline, I can hear the hue and cry of skiers off to the chase.

It is almost whiplash to go from the hot days of Indian Summer in Osceola to Instant Winter in Oregon. Here at the West End of The Gorge, what comes down from the sky is a chilling rain. Definitely has a winter feel.

Out on the porch this morning for a short spell and watched flocks of geese flying over on their way south. I had forgotten to mention those travelers when I wrote about traffic in The Gorge. It amazes me how Wood Village straddles a great metropolitan city on one side and a vast wilderness on the other. If I turn right I am on my way to Mt. Hood National Forest; turn left and I am on the freeway headed into downtown Portland.

Last night I attended Andy’s party in the urban core (Northwest) and watched city folks all dressed up and out on the town for dinner and entertainment. Today, in boots and parkas, Windy and I are off to explore one of the nearby parks and we’ll see other hardy souls decked out in Gore-tex braving the weather.

This place of contrasts entrances me. And what fun to be in a place where people have fun in the snow and actually enjoy it. So I am off to buy chains for Rider. I’ll be heading up to Timberline soon.


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