Sunday, November 20, 2005

Peaceful Sunday Morning

Dogs napping on their puffy cedar beds, bean soup bubbling in the crock pot, Sunday paper spread about, incense burning and filling the air with frangipani, jazz playing on the radio, sunlight streaming in the window and making the golden walls glow. A time to be thankful for a wonderful life as Thanksgiving Day approaches.

All of us will be together here and sit down at the dining room table to share a meal and love and fellowship. It is the first time in many years that the entire family will be in one place at the same time. The menu is traditional. And for those of you who are wondering …yes, I will cook a turkey. Bowing to requests to re-create the old days.

Thinking of my lone dinner last year in Osceola. Jump Stop Pizza and Ben & Jerry ice cream. Eaten in front of the TV with only Princess and Lenny to keep me company. The year before, Windy and I shared a Tofu Turkey. This will be a vast improvement and we are all looking forward to the event.

After the turkey is in the oven, we will head out to Ox Bow Park for a nature hike along the Sandy River. Only about five miles from my house, a beautiful place with rushing streams and wandering trails. Two Park naturalists will share their wealth of knowledge on local wildlife’s reaction to cold weather, and then recite the Iroquois Nation’s “Thanksgiving Address.”

The weather is breaking all the rules for Oregon in November with sunny days predicted all through the week. Who could ask for anything better? The holiday week is off to a great start this peaceful Sunday morning.


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