Saturday, November 12, 2005

Naked Neck

The first thing I noticed when I was out and about in Portland was that every single woman had a scarf around her neck. Apparently a fashion MUST here in the Pacific Northwest. And especially here in The Gorge where the cold winds blow.

So a trip to The Yarn Garden provided me with the supplies to make myself a warm wool scarf to wrap around my naked neck and tuck inside my Gore-Tex Columbia coat.

As I have previously written, knitting can be a soul-soothing activity and one that ends up being useful as well. So…give it a try. Invest in some high-quality hand-dyed 100% wool and a pair of beautifully crafted, silky smooth wooden needles. The tactile feel is important to lend satisfaction as you knit and purl. Here is a very simple basic pattern:

Reversible Garter/Rib Scarf:
1 skein of 100% wool 100 g or 175 yds.
1 set #9 needles (preferable wooden)

Cast on 21 sts
Row 1 – k1, p1 across, end k1
Row 2 – p1, k1 across. end p1
Rows 3 & 4 – k across
Repeat these four rows until the yarn is gone
Finished scarf will be approx. 5” x 48”

For a wider or longer scarf, buy more yarn. Or use larger size needles.

Have fun and stay warm! No more naked necks!!


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