Friday, December 16, 2005

Colonel Mustard in the Library…

…with the candlestick. How many years has it been since we played Clue? One of many games now stacked on the shelf in my dining room waiting to be played when we gather for the holidays. Games were a big part of my children’s growing up after we threw out the TV back in 1976. (Taking it to the dump may be one of the highlights of my life.) Monopoly, Chess, Cribbage, Scrabble, Dominoes are all-time favorites we still enjoy. In the kids’ younger years, we had our fill of Chutes and Ladders and Candyland. And card games like Old Maid and Go Fish. They advanced to Chinese Checkers and Uno. Later we loved Risk and Yahtzee and Sorry! This Thanksgiving we played Scene It, something new since the childhood years. In Osceola, visitors enjoyed Rummy Tile and playing Text Twist on the computer.

To say we are game players might be an understatement. We play to win and nobody gives an inch as they plot strategy and tricks. And we have kept an ongoing running tally of wins going back for years. When you open a game box, sheets fall out with scores from the 80’s. And Windy has kept photos of her winning Scrabble boards! We are serious about this, folks. So polish up your skills if you are coming for a visit. You will find yourself at the dining room table with some pretty expert players.

Even when I find myself here at home alone, like today, I can log on the computer and play Mah Jong. I keep track of my scores (of course) and try to break my own record. For a change of pace, I play Text Twist to warm up for the Daily Crossword. And then on to Jumble and Wonderword. I can fill up a whole day playing games.

Today I am caught up on errands and it’s a day to stay in (wind chill factor of 9 degrees!) and amuse myself with beating myself at whatever game I choose. Well…Clue is not much fun with only one player. I would already know it was Colonel Mustard. But Mah Jong is waiting.


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