Monday, January 30, 2006

Embrace The Storm!

Did I mention it is raining here? Interminable, unrelenting rain that goes on and on and on and doesn’t stop and just keeps pounding down and drenching the landscape and putting all my Gore-tex to the test.

It makes me think back to The Ridge in January 1995 (the time of the first Capricorn Party!). Driving to Rough & Ready from Corning over roads under water and staying a few days longer than anticipated because I couldn’t get home. Later that same month I was stuck in a Red Cross Shelter in Red Bluff as the Seven Bridges on the way to my house were under water. (Didn’t someone write a song about that road?) It was pretty wet and wild up on Wild Pig Ridge that winter.

After I finished the last of the library books and had enough coziness in the tiny trailer, I just geared up and went out to Embrace The Storm. It was magnificent. Came back with both of us soaking wet down to the underwear (me) and skin (Babe). I remember thinking then how nice it would be to have hot running water and be able to take a shower after such an adventure. Now…I have such. A cozy home with warm reliable heat and hot running water and a very nice shower and an electric stove to heat the water for tea. Such luxury.

So off we go into the eye of the storm. Because…what else can you do?


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