Thursday, February 09, 2006

Thirty-Four Years Ago

On a cold dark night…Winifred Lora Graham was born at Roseville Community Hospital in Roseville, California. The celebration included dancing in the delivery room as, unlike today’s expectant parents, we did not know it would be a GIRL. After three boys, this was an exciting surprise.

She is named after both grandmothers. My mother, Winifred E. Barnes Anderson, and Bill’s mother, Lora Fay Graham. Winifred Anderson died before Windy was born, but Lora Fay is still alive and pushing 100 years.

Throughout her whole life Windy has brought joy and happiness to her parents, her brothers, her friends, her co-workers, her neighbors and all who come across her path. I wish her the very best for today, tomorrow and the rest of her life. It is a privilege to be her mother, and to now live close enough to spend time with her. So…



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