Thursday, April 20, 2006

Grass Police

There are no Grass Police here and even though the growth in my yard is knee-high I do not tremble in fear that the mowers will come in the night and destroy my yard. In Osceola where I used to live, there was a City Ordinance about grass length (1/4 inch) and stiff penalties for not meeting the requirement.

When I moved, I sold the big mower I bought to cut the south forty at Terrapin Station. So I now have to choose between nail scissors and the weed eater to cut the little patch of grass that passes as my lawn here in Wood Village. I do have plans for flower beds and eventually I want to eliminate all the grass, but the previous owner had only the lawn and a tiny vegetable patch so that is what I inherited.

Windy went out last night and whacked a little bit and I will try to chop some more today if it doesn’t rain. Hah. That is an unrealistic expectation. Yesterday and the one before were the only glorious spring days so far. I managed to get to the golf course this morning, then a nice walk with the dogs, then work in the yard, then a trip to the park with the dogs to watch the dimming of the day. It was the first time in weeks we have been able to see Mt. Hood.

It felt so good to be out and getting my hands dirty cleaning up the winter’s detritus and getting ready for the next stage. So much I want to do here.


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