Saturday, April 15, 2006

My Old Olivetti

This new computer is awesome, with a fast processor and mega storage (you know how I love storage for my stuff!) and programs that practically write my columns for me. I spend a lot of time here at my 86 year old oak desk where I write and think and correspond with friends. I can sort through all my digital photos, keep track of my money, make slide shows and do all manner of things. But do you think I will ever be sentimental about this h/p machine?

I tossed the old Dell without a backward glance. Pulled the hard drive and sent it off to CPU heaven. And I have jettisoned others before that one and someday this one will be on the junk heap as well. But folks, I still have my Old Olivetti. I could not possibly EVER get rid of that typewriter that accompanied me to college and through all the early years of my marriage and even up to graduate school. Twenty-five years it stood by me and I still have yellowing, brittle pages typed on that machine when I was a student and later a young housewife.

I don’t use it anymore. I ran out of ribbon some time back and they are hard to find today. But if the world cyber system ever collapses, I will figure out a way to get Olive up and running. I love that typewriter and its little faux leather zipper case. And remember carriages? Platens? Erase-o-tape? Typing was a “hands on” experience in those days. And noisy. There was a clatter and chatter that went along with creativity. I have a silent keyboard today. No clicks. No way to tell if any thoughts are exiting my brain through my fingers.

This new machine I have dubbed Rocket Man will be my friend for awhile, but no one will ever take Olive’s place in my heart.


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