Monday, November 13, 2006

Kittens & Knittin’ Don’t Mix

About two weeks ago, I found a little lost dachshund running loose in the Safeway parking lot. It was pouring down rain and the little guy was pretty miserable. After a futile attempt to find the owner, I put him in my car and took him down to the Shelter (which is fortunately not too far from where I live). There was, of course, a wait there as he was processed and some paperwork to fill out and I had time to wander around. I should have known better!

So that night I could not get this sweet little kitten out of my mind. She kept reaching through the cage trying to snag me as I walked by. So I went back the next morning and adopted her and brought her home. Hopefully she will be a companion for Lenny and help keep him young just as he helped Rocky in past years.

She is a “dilute tortoiseshell” mostly grey with splashes of orange and white. A really sweet face and loving disposition. But she is a kitten and very lively and energetic and curious and into everything. Already she has tee-peed the house, gotten into my knitting bag, hidden all the pens and pencils, knocked everything off the bathroom counter, left footprints in the dust on the shelves, and just generally wreaked havoc. Her name is Skye Louise Anderson.

As I say each time…this is the LAST one.

P.S. The dog's owner showed up and was thrilled to find his little doxie.


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