Saturday, December 09, 2006

Top Ten Things You Need for Winter Hiking in Oregon

10. Raincoat
Not water-resistant, not water-repellant, but water-PROOF. Try Columbia Titanium

9. Warm Layers
The #1 danger in Oregon winters is hypothermia (from being cold and wet for too long). Wool works wonders.

8. Thermos or Water Bottle
Fluid for hydration is very important. Don’t skimp.

7. Map (in plastic bag)
Not all who wander are lost, but those without a map might be.

6. Flashlight
It gets dark sooner than you think. Try the wind-up kind that doesn’t need batteries.

5. Food
Energy bars, holiday cookies, nuts. Avoid sandwiches and bananas that can get smashed.

4. Sturdy Boots
No flip flops. No tennies. And extra dry socks if you get wet.

3. First Aid Stuff
You won’t need it (of course) but someone you meet on the trail may.

2. Basic Emergency Gear
Knife, fire starter (aka matches), compass, cell phone, whistle, survival blanket.

It’s Oregon!

Reprinted from Willamette Week 12/6/06


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