Saturday, January 13, 2007

The Flight of the Geraniums

These little plants were pushed to the back of the wire rack outside Coastal Hardware, a bit bent and rather scraggly looking. I bought them at a bargain price, and brought them home, and planted them in the yard where they began to grow and bloom. However, kids and dogs laid waste to the garden strip outside the fence so the geraniums migrated to pots and moved to the porch railing where they made a welcoming bright spot.

One Sunday I came out to find all the pots shattered and broken on the driveway and the poor plants tossed hither and yon. Off to the Garden Store and home with new pots. Back on the porch, this time on the corner table and the long bench where falling was no longer a threat. Then several weeks ago, a freeze was forecast and the plants moved into macramé hangers (purchased at the Dollar Store) and onto the enclosed deck where they were out of the wind and somewhat sheltered from the storm. And out of reach of the dogs

Then the Arctic Freeze came to Portland and night before last, I brought the plants inside to the mud/laundry room where they are crowded onto the counter there. It took two days for the clay pots to warm up. It’s 13 degrees here at The Hideaway this morning which is the coldest it has been since I moved here. The geraniums are hardy but I’m not sure they could withstand this. So they are blooming indoors and hopefully will make it through the cold spell.

One of the geraniums, however, is a bit different. The little red one was brought from Missouri. Another rescue plant. It turned up in a pot of something else purchased at a plant sale. It looked dead and I tossed it on the mulch pile. One day I noticed a bright red spot in the pile of grass cuttings and leaves and there was this brave little plant blooming away. I put it in a pot, named it the Keppy Geranium, and brought it along. It has bloomed continuously ever since.

These are not exotic flowers or fancy pricey plants, just little bright spots for an old lady who does not have a green thumb but can somehow keep these living things alive. If they don’t like it on the laundry porch, I will bring them in the house. I am in for the long haul now.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

that's beautiful! my husband hates plants, and i've always loved them. we've been married since May, and so far i have saved a wandering jew, aloe vera, and an airplane plant from certain death at the hands of various friends and relatives. i love my plants!

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