Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Snow Advisory

Does it seem odd to cancel a snow trip to Mt. Hood because of a snow advisory? One would think that snow predictions would sound great to someone planning a snowshoe trip. But I decided to skip it today as driving up mountain roads with someone I don’t know sounds risky. Plus I do not want to have to get out and help put on chains. So I am home and watching “snow” in the form of rain fall on Wood Village. It is actually flakes in much of Portland, but not here. The mountain is hidden from view, and on the freeway cars go by with coverings of snow on their roofs. [Side note: I have always wondered why the plural of roof isn’t rooves!]

It’s back on the couch for me. I have four different knitting projects in progress, a book to read as well as a stack of new magazines (thanks to the folks who give me subscriptions!). Lentil soup is simmering in the crockpot and I’ll make corn bread later this afternoon. The animals are all in their “cinnamon roll” positions on their respective beds, warm and lazy just like me.

Truthfully, I am very glad I advised myself to stay home today.


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