Wednesday, June 25, 2008

An Unseasonal Touch of Fall

The weather is such this morning that I am tempted to say I feel a “touch of Fall” in the air. Except…it’s JUNE. Usually I say that somewhere in September. But it is crispy cool with filtered sunshine and a rustle of wind in the tree tops. The temperature was 52 outside my kitchen window this morning, and still, at midmorning, has not made it into the 60s. It’s a non-work day with errands to do and chores around the place.

My cold is on Day 7. My mother always said a cold lasts nine days…three days coming, three days with you, and three days going. I expect it to be gone by the weekend. No big plans yet. So much that we do here depends on the weather. It’s nice to have a couple of “open” blank days to fill in with whatever sounds fun. It will be either raining or 90 degrees according to the weatherperson on TV.

As June winds down, my life cycles around to what I consider my “real” summer starting with a trip to Missouri in early July and then eight weeks off work when I get back. One of the highlights will be a weekend at the coast with my family (including the dogs) to celebrate my 71st birthday in August. A hiatus from Knitting Groups and Book Club for July and August means lots of free time to devote to other projects. The main ones being working on my next book Vibes From The Ridge and on my Family Genealogy Project.


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