Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Drive-By Voting

In 1960 I stood in the rain outside my polling place in Kansas City, Missouri waiting for my turn to cast my ballot for John F. Kennedy. Over the years since then I have waited in the rain to vote for President at polling places in Sausalito, Millbrae, Roseville, Crescent Lake, Bend, San Francisco, North Highlands, Sacramento, and Osceola.

No more. Alas…Oregon has no polling places. We have “mail-in” ballots which is a puzzle in a place where residents do everything else in the rain without batting an eye. But no standing in the rain here. If you didn’t get your ballot in the mail before the deadline, you can wait in line sitting warm and dry in your car for your turn to put your ballot in one of the outside drop boxes strategically placed around town. Somehow that just doesn’t cut it for me.

So later today, for old time’s sake, I will stand in the rain outside the library for a few minutes before going inside to drop my ballot in the big blue plastic bin. Then I’ll pick up a pizza and head home to wait on the couch for the results to come in. As is my custom, I voted for my old friend Ralph, and I am pretty sure he will not be declared the winner. Still…there is an element of suspense and the chance of either a blow-out or a squeaker. And either way…it will be an historical first.

If you haven’t already…VOTE! And in the Portland Metro area, please vote YES on 26-96


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