Saturday, April 25, 2009

A Good Book

Not a great one, not what you could call “literature,” not even on the best seller list. Just a paperback you picked up at the grocery store. A mystery with a convoluted, interconnected (but you don’t know that yet) plot with a little violence, a hint of sex, some nice suburban middle class families with secrets to hide. Add to that an empty day with nothing on the calendar, some dreary weather, a bit of lethargy, and pot of coffee. You have my Friday. I sat on the couch in my pajamas and read an entire book cover to cover. Between breakfast and supper with two naps thrown in.

I don’t remember the last time I stayed home all day. No place to go. No commitments. No errands. No pressing demands. I did go out to walk the dogs but not until I finished the book.

Today is back to busyness. A dump run, the Library Used Book Sale, lunch with my son, my knitting group at 3:00. A much more usual day. But I am going to stock up on books in case another lazy opportunity arises. Did I mention I am no longer working at the college? That will open up some windows of emptiness. This is my 5th or 6th retirement. I have lost count. Let’s see…since I retired from the State of California and moved to Missouri and then back here, I have had six jobs. During that eight year period, I have only had one year “off” completely with no job to go to. It seems time to try full retirement again.

Have you read any good books lately? Here is my “Book of the Month” list for 2009:
Jan: Kessler, Lauren – Stubborn Twig – Japanese in Oregon WWII era
Feb: Schlink, Bernard – The Reader – German setting post WWII
Mar: Morton, Kate – The House at Riverton – sprawling English country house saga WWI era
Apr: Coben, Harlan – Hold Tight – mystery set in current cyber age


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