Tuesday, July 21, 2009


On June 20th, just when you thought it was safe to start reading the blog again, my brain blew up. It was a Saturday morning and I had gotten up early to watch the US Open. I wanted to sit and knit and watch golf. My idea of a perfect summer Saturday morning. However, I needed some blue yarn to make a baby blanket for my friend’s newborn great grandson. I put on a pot of coffee to perk while I ran to Walmart next door. I was still in my pajamas! (Sweats, actually.) As I crossed the parking lot I was struck by a massive headache. I got lost inside the store, my shoe fell off, I couldn’t find the yarn. After I did, I couldn’t remember how to use my debit card to pay for it. I finally made it home driving with my eyes shut against the pain.

I poured out a cup’s worth of coffee all over the counter, carried the empty cup into the living room, and answered my daughter’s question with some gibberish gobbledegook. As it turned out, my daughter had just seen a poster about the Five Signs of a Stroke that Tri Met Wellness put up in the break room at her work. She took one look at me, called her brother, and off we went to the Emergency Room. We skipped sign in and Triage, and suddenly there were doctors and nurses all around. To make a long story short…and because I don’t feel like writing more details right now…I was admitted and spent three days in the hospital before I came home to sit like a zombie on the couch.

Many functions and abilities have come back over the four intervening weeks although I still struggle with memories and words and my vocabulary has deserted me. I will have to run this writing through spellcheck and by a proofreader before I can post it. Sometimes I totally space on how to do something simple like send an e-mail. I keep mixing up the phone and the remote. Mostly I forget where I am and look around like I just dropped to earth from a distant planet.

Writing is therapeutic and therefore I will continue to attempt some blog entries. I am certain I am still in there somewhere and I will be back.


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