Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Chinese Menu

Choose one from Column A, one from Column B, one from Column C, and one from Column D…a wise way to tailor your meal. It’s also a great method for living life in Oregon where, as I am discovering, the weather plays a bit of a role in what you do and when you do it.

There are basically four kinds of days:
A - Clear and sunny
B - Overcast but not raining
C - Overcast and lightly raining
D – Overcast and really REALLY raining

I’m learning to take advantage of those sunny moments and times when it’s not raining to get outdoors and do things. Column A includes exploring the area, hiking, walking the dogs, enjoying nature, working in the yard. Column B is for running errands, going to recycling, grocery shopping, anything that involves moving something from one place to another. Column C is for indoor fun such as movies, art galleries, museums, coffee houses. Column D is stay home and clean the cat box.

Today was an A day and the dogs and I explored some of the back roads of The Gorge visiting the tiny towns of Springdale and Corbett. From a lookout high on the ridge we could view the magnificence of the river and watch the traffic on Highway 84. Autumn leaves are as brilliant here as in the Ozarks but displayed against a background of dark green conifers. Above all the panorama, Mt. Hood rises in the distance.

This is an awesome place of incredible natural beauty.


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