Saturday, February 11, 2006

Knitting Olympics

It amazes me that I continue to discover more wonderful things about Portland each day that I live here. Now I learn from a front page article in the Oregonian that Portland is the “knitting capital of the world.” And in keeping with that reputation, many knit shops here are joining in the Knitting Olympics.

The rules are simple: start your project on Friday February 10th and finish it by the closing ceremonies. Choose anything you want to make. Plain or fancy, simple or challenging, big or little, wood or acrylic. Just do it. Prizes will be awarded. Medals and gift certificates to (suprise1) knit shops.

This works for me. I just finished the afghan I was crocheting for a friend’s baby and the lime green wool cable hat I made for myself. For the project, I am going to make another hat. Candy stripe this time using leftover yarn from the giant blue plastic bin. You can’t have too many hats in my opinion. And since I will be spending a lot of time outdoors in the upcoming months wearing the same Columbia Gore-tex coat every day, a hat is my way of making a fashion statement and adding some variety to my appearance.

Some patterns call for two needles, but I like to knit in the round either on a long round needle or on four or five double pointed needles. I have completed the casting on part and now I am choosing scarps of color to start the brightly colored bands. If it works out the pattern will appear in this space at the end of the games when I submit my entry to the judges.

By the time you read this, Friday may have passed but you can still join in. Just grab some yarn and some needles and get going. Dig around in the archives for the simple scarf pattern I posted awhile back. This is the perfect activity to accompany hours sitting on the couch watching the competitions.


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