Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Think First, Shoot Second

Quail hunting requires some sense of diligence and watchfulness. But if you hit someone on accident by mistake because you weren’t paying attention and it was late in the day and you were hunting without a stamp from a car no less, then there is no question what you should do. Blame the victim!

“You made me do it.” The White House spin is to put it all on the poor soul with a face full of birdshot, saying that he should have informed the armed Veep that he was standing in his line of fire. Now it is true that being out in the boons while hunting is going on is a risk that also requires some sense of diligence and watchfulness. And an orange vest.

So who’s to blame. How about the whole hunting party, including the hostess who waited patiently in the car rather than get her boots muddy. We have just learned that the Secret Service is there to protect the Vice President, but not to protect people from the Vice President.

When my daughter first heard the news, she thought Cheney had shot Dan Quayle! So the dance of politics continues but with armaments. Scary thought!


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