Sunday, April 30, 2006

A Good Book and a Cup of Hot Tea

It is supposed to be Spring here in Wood Village, and we had a few tantalizing spring-like days earlier in the week. But the question on everyone’s lips, “Will it rain this weekend?” has been answered. “Yes.” I don’t mind the rain myself as it lends itself to a lazy, cozy Saturday afternoon to sit on the couch and enjoy a good book and drink a bracing cup of tea.

My good book today is Alec Guinness” memoir, “My Name Escapes Me.” A truly charming glimpse into the day-to-day life of an extraordinary actor and very interesting human being. Since I am also one to keep a diary, I can identify with his entries and the wide range of topics he chooses to write about.

For warming the soul, Twining’s Herbal Peppermint Tea is one of the best. It has been unavailable for about a year, and then suddenly it showed up in a new package, but with the same delightful flavor. The cup steams and the aroma penetrates the room.

The dogs are snoozing on their beds drying off from an earlier walk in the rain. They do not have Gore-tex outfits like I do, but their Labrador Retriever coats shed water pretty well. There is, however, a pungent “wet dog” smell underlying the peppermint. The rain is pounding on the metal roof of the deck and cascading in rivulets down the window panes. Jazz is playing softly in the background. Soon I am likely to doze off for my afternoon “forty winks.”


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