Thursday, April 27, 2006

Paving Paradise

Amy Grant said it: "They paved Paradise and made it a parking lot."

Bad news about my beloved Sandy River Delta. Maya Lin (Vietnam Memorial architect) will be building one of her monstrosity monuments there and the park will be closed during construction and then no dogs allowed afterward. In my opinion, this is out of place and will ruin the natural beauty of the river that it is supposed to honor. It will no doubt bring tourists in flip flops discarding fast food wrappers and generally spoiling the pleasure of a secluded and peaceful place. It is so close to my home, so easy to access for long leisurely walks with the dogs. Birds and wildflowers abound. Most days I am the only one out there, although as the weather lightens up, the weekends bring more hikers.

Then the Indians want to build a glaring gambling casino up river a bit at Cascade Locks. That will damage the Gorge beyond repair. Very sad that so many want to ruin nature in pursuit of the tourist dollar. Beyond my understanding! I continue to search for quiet spaces. Have to drive farther to find and that is impacted by the rising cost of gas.

I do what I can. Lobbying, protesting, testifying, but one small voice amidst a chorus of hell-bent developers and money-hungry residents who mostly live elsewhere. Perhaps a lost cause, but I keep on keepin’ on.


Anonymous Scott said...

With all due respect, Amy Grant did say it, with permission, but it was 25 years after Joni said it in the song "Big Yellow Taxi" on "Ladies of the Canyon" in 1970.
FYI, a few other people who have covered this song: Counting Crows, Rod Stewart, Janet Jackson, James Taylor, a'Keb Mo'.

9:41 AM  

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