Friday, April 21, 2006

Life in Pajamas and Bunny Slippers

Three sunny days in a row came to a crashing halt this morning with misty rain soaking the newspaper and leaving puddles in the yard again. We got out yesterday and the day before and weed whacked the knee-high grass and now vines and flowers are popping up all over. The sun felt so good and it is hard to go back into winter hibernate mode again.

Craft projects all over the house keep me busy inside. A gift for Andy and Laura for their wedding. Little thumbless mittens for my golf clubs. And yet one more in an endless chain of dishcloths. A retro visit to the 60s and 70s with some hemp and beads. Also a revived interest in working on my quilting effort.

Then, too, I am working on plans for travel to Alaska and Colorado for my big upcoming trips. What a difference the Internet has made in arranging comings and goings. So easy.

Other things are easy too. The Library sends an e-mail that one of my “Holds” is now available for pick-up so there is some reading to do as well. I already have two books on Alaska waiting in the wings here at home, as well as a novel recommended by the Oregonian. The electronic Library is just like the old-fashioned bookmobile, and for a small surcharge, the Library delivers the books!

If you order groceries online from Albertson and your movies from Netflix, it is possible to stay in your pajamas and bunny slippers and never leave the comfort of your own home. And if you do get in the car, you never need to get out with drive-by coffee places and drive-throughs for banking, postal services, and prescription pick-up.

It is pretty easy to stay dry in Portland.


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