Monday, April 03, 2006

Three Weeks After Surgery

We have our dog back. Buddy is no longer an “invalid.” He is his sweet lively self and increasing his activity each day. Less sleeping, more running around. He is galloping in the yard and taking the front steps quite easily now. He’s up and down in the chair with no struggle.

The swelling around the scars has gone down and the hair is starting to grow back. The spot around the epidural site is still slow to grow. But he is no longer pink. I noticed him doing some stretching on his own this morning. I think he is realizing how good it feels.

Just now he is sorting his toys and moving each one to a different place. He likes to have them positioned around in all of “his spots” so they are handy if he needs them. I think I should move them back and encourage him to walk and get them.

He had a long walk in the rain yesterday and we’ll go again today. Still just in the neighborhood at least until Wednesday when he goes for therapy again. Then we will begin to venture out to the park.

Is it possible for a dog to say thank-you? He greeted me so warmly this morning and I think he is happier than he has ever been. Now that the surgery pain has subsided, he is experiencing the joy of pain-free living. The look in his eyes makes it all worthwhile.


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