Wednesday, March 29, 2006

My New Best Friends

Believe it or not…they are HIKING BOOTS. The minute I put them on they felt so comfortable, so right, so “me.” I have been looking for just the right pair since I retired my beloved Vasque boots awhile back. I have some awesome sneakers and wonderful Ugg boots and other kinds of footwear that work in many of my life situations. But for my life outdoors in Oregon, hiking boots are de rigueur.

Phil and I participated in a Hike Leader Training program with Friends of the Columbia Gorge and throughout April, May and June we will be leading/participating in a number of hikes in The Gorge. In addition, we will be going on hikes with the Audubon Society, the Nature Conservancy and the Sierra Club. Not to mention things we think up on our own like whale watching and dog walking in the Sandy River Delta. These boots are made for walking (and hiking) and they will be doing just that.

Heavy enough to provide good, sturdy support on the trail, but light enough not to weigh me down. Some of the places we go are nicely maintained trails, but others are “off trail” where we are scrambling over rocks and finding our own way. My old joints sometimes give me problems, especially my knees and these should help me find a solid footing.

Most of you know my son Andy works for Columbia Sportswear and this has resulted in my being completely outfitted in all manner of rain weather gear. These new boots come from Columbia and you can see them at Look for Bonanza Peak. British Tan. They are waterproof, “impermeable” the tag says. Thank you, Andy, for helping me acquire these great boots for my Outdoor Oregon adventures. They will become my new best friends!


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