Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Capture the Moment

This is the second morning in a row that I have been awakened by the honking of geese flying over on their way to their summer homes. They make a stop at Blue Lake near my house and on some of the ponds around the Sandy River. I think they enjoy being tourists and zipping by Mt. Hood and gliding around The Gorge before heading north. It is certainly reassuring to hear them and have yet another sign that Spring may eventually come to Wood Village.

There are some other signs. A few daffodils blooming in a neighbor’s yard. Buds on the trees and some have even blossomed out. When I walk around the loop with Princess, a few houses have open windows and one had the air conditioner running. One family had their tent trailer popped open and airing out and getting ready for a camping trip.

Sunday we had a Sun Break and my friend and my son and I went hiking in The Gorge. A bit of a sight-seeing drive first. Then a trek up to Latourell Falls, a two-mile loop that took two hours to hike as we were taking it easy and stopping to enjoy the wildflowers and smell the freshness of the forest. More sight seeing on the way home. By the time we got here, the wind had come up and the sun had gone down and by the next morning we were back in drizzly weather.

My friend has a digital camera (am I the only one who doesn’t?) and snapped some shots along the way. She likes to “capture the moment” and have a reminder of some time or place that was meaningful. I’ll look forward to receiving some of her favorites so I can share the memories. We had a great time while she was here with family gatherings, good eating and general joie de vive. She inspires and energizes me. Her visit was a special treat.

She brought a wonderful Mandala puzzle as a gift so I have something to do on this rainy day when I am sticking close to home as Buddy recuperates from his surgery. I can catch up with last Sunday’s paper, knit some more on the baggy socks, work on the book I am trying to get ready for publication. These are good days in my life and I am grateful for my wonderful family, incredible friends, a cozy and warm home, and my special pets.


Blogger Cari said...

It felt like home while I was there. I already miss everyone.

The photos will be forthcoming shortly. I am looking at them now and they are wonderful. It brings me straight back to the forest, the veiw overlooking the gorge, Scott and Phil's livingrooom.

My deepest thanks for sharing your home and your wisdom with me.

Always your friend, Cari

8:55 AM  

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