Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Springtime Freeze

It seemed more like October than May as I went to bed last night. The weatherman on TV issued a warning to cover the plants as an overnight freeze was expected. The streetlight down the block was making eerie shadows on the frosted glass of the bathroom window, and there was enough wind to make the branches on the pine tree scrape on the roof. Luckily I had not yet planted anything in the yard.

And luckily also, I had not taken the electric blanket off the bed. I continue to be grateful for my Columbia coat with a fleece lining, my wool cap and wind mittens. Attire for my trip to Alaska but handy here in Wood Village as well.

Yesterday, May 1, was Beltane, the start of Celtic summer. Ha! Maybe in Scotland, but for sure not here in Portland. It was also the date my parents were married in 1920, eighty-six years ago. That is when they made the purchase of the walnut dining room set with the table we all sit around today and that has been the site of many family gatherings and happy meals.

Today I am headed into town for a book signing at Powell’s Home and Garden Store on Hawthorne Street. Debbie Stoller who writes great how-to books that are hysterically funny at the same time as providing some creative ideas for handcrafts will be giving a reading. On the way (errand clustering again), I will drop by a kennel where we are thinking of boarding the dogs while we are all in Colorado.

The sun is shining and the absence of rain is always welcome. Another day in my life.


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