Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Mother of the Groom

In less than a week, I will leave on the train for Colorado for Andy and Laura’s wedding. Making a list and checking it twice. What to take? Her parents’ cabin is “off the grid” so I will be tent camping and solar showering. The dress code will be “rustic casual” except for the ceremony itself and the celebration dinner afterward.

Without actually “shopping,” I found a dress to wear. The background is “peach mango” (my new favorite flavor and color) with flowers the color of hyacinth to match the lace sweater I bought a few months ago. Gauzy and wispy, so half hippie and half sedate. No “mother-of-the-groom” fashions for me!

My gift, the piano, has been purchased and delivered and now graces their living room. I was over there last weekend and Andy played for me. Tunes from childhood piano lessons. The thank-you note has been written and received so we can all relax on that front. But the excitement will build this week as we all get ready for this momentous event. The start of a wonderful summer.

We are all so excited to welcome Laura into the family. She is a beautiful talented young woman and we love her. Their new address:

Andy and Laura Graham
7330 N. McKenna
Portland, OR 97203


Blogger Cari said...

My very best wishes go out to Andy and Laura. May they have a magical day and a wonderful marriage!

Love, Cari

ps I wish I had a mother-in-law like you!

9:19 AM  

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