Sunday, June 25, 2006

The Start of Summer

Portlanders are all astir that the temperature might reach triple digits today. Yesterday’s high was 94 degrees (no record) and the two days together make a Heat Wave. This makes me chuckle thinking of summer in Missouri and long strings of hot days at Terrapin Station. By this time of the morning (10:00 a.m.) back there, I would be done with my chores and safely inside with the shades drawn while the outside sizzled and popped.

Solstice came and went and I barely noticed in the midst of all the busyness that is going on. It is now officially summer in the Northwest. Flowers are blooming in all the gardens and residents are flocking to the parks and rivers and trails.

It’s very pleasant here at The Hideaway with a gentle breeze and the thermometer (inside and out) at 70. As you know, I don’t have air-conditioning and I actually enjoy these warm days. It did seem the occasion (finally!) to take the electric blanket off the bed. I have been out to the yard and watered the plants, and a load of laundry is just finished. I miss being able to hang out my sheets, especially on a day like this. That wonderful fresh windblown smell.

Soon I will mix up my pitcher of raspberry tea for sipping throughout the afternoon. By four o’clock I’ll be on the couch and watching (with all of Oregon) as the OSU Beavers try to win the championship. Their miraculous winning streak ended last night, so tonight is IT. Two out of three. So many people pulling for them.

Sundays are wonderfully relaxing and this first one of the summer is no exception.


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