Saturday, July 15, 2006

Men In Skirts

Today was the Portland Scottish Highland Games and I went to celebrate my heritage. I was disappointed that the Clan MacLeod was not represented in the parade or with a clan tent. Not a bright yellow plaid tartan to be seen. I would have thought Portland would have had some proud Islander Highlanders at this big celebration.

Pipe Bands, Highland Dancing, and the Caber Toss were the most popular entertainments. There were Border Collies sheep herding demonstrations and classes on genealogy. Celtic music on the small stage (hard to find). And vendors of all manner of items from kilts to key chains. Scots are not vegetarians so my food choices were limited to scones at the British Tea Society tent, ice-cream and sodas. No haggis, or meat pies, or fish and chips for me. The weather was perfect. The Games drew a large crowd.

I left before the main event for the evening, the Ceilidh (pronounced "kay-lee"), a Scottish party. Home to feed the dogs and kick back for a relaxing summer Saturday evening.


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