Monday, July 31, 2006


The fifty foot high Ponderosa pine in the backyard has expired. The needles are brown and falling, and stunted pine cones still dangle at the tips of branches. We are sad to see it go as it provided shade and marked our property. But it must be cut down and today is the day.

A local tree service of good repute will come with saws and ropes and come-alongs and a chipper and prune the limbs and then fell the trunk of the noble old tree. Hard to tell the age although we may be able to count the rings on the stump that will be left. When they are done, a pile of firewood will be left and various neighbors with wood stoves can help themselves.

It will leave a gaping hole but we have no plans to plant another tree. We only rent this land and we would have to leave behind anything we put in the ground. A big pot or wooden tub with flowers of bright colors will sit on the stump.

The dogs are confused wondering what happened to their play space and not understanding it will be restored as soon as the work is done. I am waiting for the arrival of the loggers and using the time to continue reading John Adams.


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