Friday, July 21, 2006

Incremental Reading

The Book Club reminder phone call came in a couple of days ago. The non-fiction selection for the September 7th meeting will be David McCullough’s John Adams. The copies were in at the Library and ready to be picked up.

So now I have mine and it is sitting on the coffee table in all its mighty glory. Even in paperback, it is hefty. This book won the Pulitzer Prize and has received high praise from all quarters. This is, in fact, just what I like for my Summer Reading Project. Something big and sprawling and full of all manner of characters. Normally, I would find that in fiction so this will be a bit of a change.

Six hundred thirty four pages to read. And 48 days to do it. That’s only 13-14 pages a day which is not exactly overwhelming. Of course, I could read 20 or even 30, and finish it more quickly. Always a possible. But I like to space it out.

I remember the summer of my 51st birthday when I finally got around to reading War and Peace. That year my friend Ann and I were going to read the classics we had missed. We started with The Red Badge of Courage, and then Tolstoy was our next choice. I remember I tried to read 50 pages every evening before I went to sleep. I did finish it and I was surprised at how much I enjoyed a book about war.

To be honest, the Revolutionary period of American history has not been a favorite of mine up to now. I do think I read a fictionalized version of the love story between John and Abigail back in my youth. I am counting on McCullough’s talented writing to make this enthralling and captivating.

I’ll start it today as I laze about avoiding doing much in the triple digit heat. As I said one year ago in the opening lines of Down Home Musings… “For keeping cool, nothing beats kicking back on the front porch on a July day with a good book and a glass of iced tea.”

Osceola or Wood Village…the more things change, the more they stay the same.


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