Monday, July 24, 2006

Havin' A Heat Wave

We are all stretched out, limp as rags, waiting out the heat of the afternoon. The dogs are full length in their spots on the carpet and Lenny is along the crack in the door like a draft catcher. I’ve just napped on the couch for the better part of the last hour and I’m still in a bit of a stupor. The thermometer has climbed from the 70s before sunrise through the 80s and into the 90s and may not stop until triple digits are reached again.

Day Five of the Heat Wave that has descended upon Portland. Word comes from friends all around the country that temps are high everywhere, and no hope of relief. I have written so many times of my ways of coping. Shades drawn, fans going full blast, minimal activities, loose clothes, iced tea, a good book, and nap time.

With all that, the place was an inferno last night. A virtual blast furnace inside, but I did find surcease on the front porch where a cool breeze had come up. A late night ice-cream run took some of the edge off. But at bedtime, it was still too hot to put the dogs in their crates. They were not happy on the deck, feeling the need to bark at every tiny sound or motion outside. They ended up on Windy’s bed with the fan blowing straight on them.

There seem more sirens than usual. Emergencies like drownings, heat stroke, kids/pets left in cars in parking lots, road rage. In several parts of town, the power is out and those used to counting on air conditioning are suffering. At one Baskins-Robbins, the ice-cream all melted when the power went off. A huge sea of flavors swirling on the floor.

My plans to attend a picnic this evening are cancelled. I am home and quiet and wondering if we will see a shift tomorrow. This was to be a busy week with friends coming. Not the best time to show off Portland. Hopefully wherever you are reading this, it is cool and pleasant. Stay safe.


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