Sunday, August 27, 2006

Feeling of Fall in the Air

The cast of light this Sunday morning reminds me that the end of summer is around the corner. Despite the ninety degree heat of yesterday and the same prediction for today, there is still the feel of Fall in the air. Every year, somewhere around my birthday, this feeling comes over me. Sadness that summer is ending, but excitement about my “new year” that starts with Labor Day. A throw-back, I think, from the back-to-school days of my youth.

Out on the golf course yesterday (at the Tournament that was my birthday gift from Andy), there were yellow leaves littering the ground. Here in Wood Village they have already begun to pile up against my fence. No burning allowed here, so the leaves will be stuffed into the Yard Waste Recycling bin. Of course, the pine trees don’t drop leaves but they contribute with hundreds of cones and powdery pollen that coats the plants below.

The geraniums are in full bloom and the porch is awash with color. My pot and tub gardening has created an inviting and peaceful place to read or knit. The flowers make a privacy screen and I can hide out there and watch life go by. The yard itself is easy maintenance with only a bit of watering and an occasional pass with the little push mower required. The welcome strip outside the fence that Phil planted for Mother’s Day is bright with wildflowers that are thriving.

Soon the harvest festivals will begin and we will no doubt attend a few. One of my favorites is the Fruit Loop that travels through the orchards on the back roads near Hood River for autumn’s bounty of apples and pears. Another is out on Sauvie Island (where Andy and Laura held their Wedding Reception). The Farmer’s Markets continue through September and into October with more and more root vegetables available. And apples, apples, apples everywhere. Blackberries abound on all the hiking paths and we will go out with a bucket next week.

A memory from many years ago of blackberry picking with my brown and white Brittany, Taffy. She came back with all her white spots stained purple! Princess may get some blotches, but they won’t show in her black coat. Buddy will no doubt look tie-dyed!

Today I’ll pack up more book orders to mail tomorrow, read the Sunday paper, watch Meet the Press, take the dogs out for a mini-adventure, and run by the Library to pick a book I requested. And get ready for the busy week that is coming up.


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