Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Missing John Adams

The last page was turned and the book John Adams was closed late Saturday night. What a read. I thoroughly enjoyed it. And it was so nice to have that big thick book sitting there to pick up any slack in the day, and find a use for minutes free from chores.

Sunday I ventured to Borders (the nearest bookstore) and brought home another book and now I am stuck with a mediocre mystery, Lost Lake by Philip Margolin. Anxiously awaiting my rise to the top of the waiting list for several books at the Library.

The weather has changed in the last hour. The sky has clouded over and the wind has come up. Thunderstorms are brewing over the Cascades and there will be rain here at the foot of Mt. Hood before long. The cast of the afternoon light is different, moving toward the look of after-school afternoons on Fall days.

Parents have called their kids home for dinner. The dogs and I are back from our walks and settling in for the evening’s television. It’s Monday, a day I used to dread when I was working. Mostly because it was so far away from Friday. Now I rather like it as the neighbors go back to work and it is quiet and peaceful here during the day.

It’s pleasant here at The Hideaway on these marvelous cool Pacific Northwest days. The best weather since I’ve lived here. But it is dry and there is forest fire danger so rain tonight will be welcomed by drooping plants and firefighters.


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