Monday, August 21, 2006

Yarn Yoga Tonight

People laugh at the name, but it is no sillier than names of other craft groups or book clubs. Once a month knit and crochet enthusiasts gather together on Monday evening at the local Craft Warehouse. It’s a chance to join in lively conversation with other crafters and work on my current project or begin a new one.

This is a fun-filled event that provides uninterrupted time for my project and a chance to meet like-minded women. We share yarn experiences, talk about new products, exchange patterns, provide assistance to beginners, get help with our own challenges, have feedback on our work. The evening also features Show ‘n’ Tell and an opportunity to show off your finished items. Ages range from 10 to 80 but all are women.

Each month we have a challenge swatch that provides a chance to build a library of interesting and unusual stitch patterns. If you complete the swatch, your name is entered in a drawing to win a door prize. Also we all get a coupon for a discount on yarn or knitting products.

I will go tonight and report on the Wedding Afghans which I completed in the car on the way to the Reception Friday night. Last spring the group helped me decide on the lace and cable pattern I used from several samples I took to the meeting. They will be glad to hear the projects are finished. I will also take the Sixteen Color Vest I started in the Fall of 2003 and have never finished. The knitting is mostly done, all that remains is to weave in the ends (there are many!) and sew the seams.

This activity is one of my favorites and another advantage of living in a town where such a fun and creative get-together is offered.


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